Commercial Upholstery


To assist customers in choosing a fabric that will suit their needs, all quality fabric samples are labelled to identify the various fabric types and performance categories. All quality fabrics are tested for seam slippage, abrasion resistance, colour fastness to light and cleaning and pile retention (for velvet).

We also have in stock discounted fabrics at $20 per meter, leather from $60 per square meter.We can also supply some DIY supplies.


We have hundreds of samples of fine fabrics and velours to choose from in our sample room. The public are also welcome to look through the showrooms at:,,,,,


We only sell 100% high grade genuine first grade leather to last you years of trouble, free use, and luxury (no bonded leather here!). There’s nothing like a newly upholstered sofa, arm chair, or lounge suite that you know is covered in real, “old school” leather that will last you what seems like a lifetime; long after the cheap imitations have worn out and been thrown away!
See real leather at:,,,,


For us to send you an online estimate it is essential that you send clear photos of the whole piece or pieces of furniture along with a description of what work it is you require (eg full reupholster, reweb, frame repair, new foam ) We are unable to respond without that and can,t reply to blank forms with only a name and phone number.
Email us at

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    If you are unable to upload the file, please send the file via dropbox or Google drive to email address”.We only quote on quality, well-made domestic and antique furniture, commercial banquette seating (new and recover), and commercial furniture.We don't quote or work on cheap imported furniture as it is uneconomical to do it and not worth reupholstering,restoring,repairing.