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Experience second to none furniture restoration in Brisbane northside with our premium services by the hand of the most professional experts you will find in this field. We have over 35 years of experience, starting with European families and businesses who wanted to recover their old furniture and now we dedicate ourselves in helping Australian families and businesses forget about throwing furniture away to upgrade or suit their current décor. We are happy to help you achieve your goals and make your antique furniture pieces look elegant and be combined perfectly with the decoration in your living room or any other part of your house or business. With our excellent furniture restoration in Brisbane northside, all your furniture will look excellent as before.

Furniture restoration Brisbane northside FURNITURE REPAIRS & RESTORATION

We have positioned ourselves among the most reliable companies dedicated to upholstering. Brisbane Upholstery is the most professional and qualified company offering premium furniture restoration in Brisbane northside. Our professionals with over 80 years of combined experience bringing life to those chairs, tables and couches you have in your house or business that although they are old, you know they are valuable and that you will not find anything close in terms of quality the market today. We also differ from the rest by having the most durable and resistant upholstery supplies.

Make sure your furniture pieces are as elegant and spotless as they were before or transform the complete look and feel of them. Our professionals make sure you have the most complete and quality furniture restoration in Brisbane northside. If you have any questions you can contact us today and we will be happy to assist you. Our team of professionals are ready to offer you all the information you need regarding our reupholstering services all the supplies we have like top quality fabrics and leathers that you will not find in the market. Call us today and put your classic furniture in the hands of experts who truly understand its value.

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