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Find a highly qualified and professional company with a lot of experience in furniture restoration in Brisbane. When you choose Brisbane Upholstery, you are ensuring your furniture will be restored successfully and you will enjoy the unmatched and elegant look it had a long time ago. Do not resign to the glory of your old dining chairs or antique leather lounge only because of some issues with its holster, remember that you can easily contact us for superior furniture restoration in Brisbane for a timely and efficient transformation of all your furniture. When you select our business, you are not only choosing an experienced business with over 35 years of expertise collected providing top of the line upholstery services, you are also selecting a team of professionals with over 80 years of combined experience reupholstering all types of furniture.

Furniture restoration BrisbaneFURNITURE REPAIRS & RESTORATION

Choose a company that is second to none in terms of efficiency when providing Australian families and businesses with deluxe furniture restoration in Brisbane that brings glory back to antique furniture and helps you improve the way your living room or business space looks. Our team of experts have over 80 years of combined experience helping families recover their valuable pieces of furniture and preserving the history behind those furniture pieces that have staid in your family for a long time.

You should know that furniture made a long time ago is way better than those pieces made nowadays, so you can have in your house that antique furniture collection your grandmother loves. We have worked for over 35 years providing premium reupholstery services and helping them achieve the desired look for all their furniture pieces. Make sure your furniture pieces are as elegant and spotless as they were before. Our professionals make sure you have the most complete and quality furniture restoration in Brisbane.

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