Commercial Upholstery


When you have an antique restored or reupholstered you are bringing a piece of history back to life, something that was made by long gone craftsmen which can never be made with the same style,care and strength in the world of today!

Whether it be a Chaise Lounge, Grandfather or Grandmother chair, special European antique or early colonial Australian, they are all worth keeping and restoring if they are put back to their former glory with great care and respect for what they are.

Genoa Lounges

These magnificent furniture pieces from yesteryear are built to last hundreds of years so they are definitely worth restoring when you consider the poor quality of furniture today.

Antique furniture has hardwood or solid timber framing, making pieces much stronger and longer lasting than today’s modern furniture. Traditional upholstery methods and materials also provide for a better quality, longer lasting piece of furniture.

At Brisbane upholstery we adhere to traditional refurbishment and restoration methods and use only quality materials to bring your prized furniture back to it’s proud former beauty.

Cane Sided Lounge Suites

Cane sided lounge suites or “Jacobean style Lounge” have been around for the past 200 years plus, and feature rattan cane panels in the sides of the arms and sometimes in the back frame. They normally feature loose seat and back cushions with the seat frame which they sit on being fully sprung.

These lounge suites are very well made, comfortable and make a nice feature piece when covered in a nice fabric or leather and are well worth repolishing and reupholstering.

Chaise Lounge Sofas

These elegant pieces from yesteryear make a very nice addition to any room and become a feature and talking point when reupholstered in a unique and interesting fabric or leather.

Dining Chairs

When antique dining chairs are re-polished or re-upholstered in the right fabric or leather they can really give your home that “wow” factor to impress your family and friends for those special dinners and get together to make it a memorable occasion.

Ottoman Footstools

These can be recovered or made to order in some very interesting fabrics or leathers which will make the ottoman a feature of the room, plus they can also double as an extra place to sit or an occasional table.

Deep Diamond Buttoning

Deep diamond buttoning is our speciality, nothing looks more spectacular (in the right setting) than a feature piece or area with well done genuine diamond buttoning.


For us to send you an online estimate it is essential that you send clear photos of the whole piece or pieces of furniture along with a description of what work it is you require (eg full reupholster, reweb, frame repair, new foam ) We are unable to respond without that and can,t reply to blank forms with only a name and phone number.
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    If you are unable to upload the file, please send the file via dropbox or Google drive to email address”.We only quote on quality, well-made domestic and antique furniture, commercial banquette seating (new and recover), and commercial furniture.We don't quote or work on cheap imported furniture as it is uneconomical to do it and not worth reupholstering,restoring,repairing.